« Valeria » season 4: is Netflix planning it?

"Valeria" season 4: is Netflix planning it?

Season 3 of Valeria aired yet a big question arises… Is Netflix planning to renew the Spanish series for a fourth season? Here’s a look back on the chances to see Valeria season 4.

These series are an adaptation of Elísabet Benavent’s novels. Valeria is directed by Inma TorrenteNely Reguera and Laura M. Campos. Valeria, (Diana Gómez) follows the life of an author in a middle of an artistic and marriage crisis who can count on the support of her three best friends:  Carmen (Paula Malia), Lola (Silma López) and Nerea (Teresa Riott). They too discover their inner selves and try to find love in the age of digital dating. Together, those four spicy single women are going to find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of love, friendship, jealousy, heartbreak, infidelity, secrets, worries, joy and dreams.

Affiche, sur la série Valeria

Affiche, sur la série Valeria

This series is a particular crowd-pleaser, thanks to the closeness it establishes with its characters. It’s a pleasure to watch from start to finish. That’s what makes you want to binge-watch it.

Valeria season 4: what do we know? 

After three seasons full of twists and turns, will Netflix renew the program? According to several Spanish media, Valeria will not have a fourth season. Yet, this information has not been confirmed by the red-letter streaming service.

Furthermore, over the course of three seasons, the show has had time to develop its characters and put them through their paces. It would be a shame to renew the series and end with a season that fans wouldn’t like. The novel on which the series is based comprises 4 volumes. But the series doesn’t follow the books to the letter. Most good series have stopped in order to preserve the quality of the series.

However, Netflix may ask for a renewal, and if the renewal comes quickly season 4 could be released in late 2024. So the question is still open!

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