The « WandaVision » series may be a major turning point for the MCU

The "WandaVision" series may be a major turning point for the MCU

After watching The WandaVision series intriguing first trailer, one has to ask the question: Will this show be the long-awaited turning point for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? 

WandaVision: a series out of the MCU’s shackles?

If there’s one thing the MCU can be criticized for, it’s the standardization of its films. Except for a few (rare) exceptions, the various episodes don’t really take risks. Everything is calibrated so that overly radical artistic biases are avoided.

But WandaVision seems to want to go off the beaten track. Apart from the very unexpected sitcom aspect for a Marvel program, it seems that this series is intended to blur our perception of reality.

The staging promises to be both changeable and millimeter-sized. This shows a willingness to tell the story in a very precise way. But what kind of story could be in store us?

WandaVision s'annonce aussi atypique qu'intéressant !

The consecration of the Multiverse?

WandaVision could finally give life to the Marvel Multiverse on our television screens. Of course, it has already been mentioned many times. Notably in Dr Strange and Avengers: Endgame. However, we have not yet had any films or series devoted to these parallel universes. It seems, however, that this is the logical continuity for the MCU.

WandaVision, therefore, seems to be moving in this direction. But there is also Dr. Strange’s next opus, which should be at the center of Multivers’ attention. Its title, Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, bears witness to this. This opus will be directed by the talented Sam Raimi, who is expected to take the concept on board. WandaVision should thus lay the foundations of this Multivers, to be developed later in the next movies.

Moreover, this imbroglio in the Multiverse would be the most relevant way to bring back Vision from the Dead. Keeping in mind that he perished in Avengers: Infinity War; and unlike the other victims of Thanos, he has not yet returned.

The arrival of the X-Men and the Fantastic 4?

In addition to the unlimited scriptwriting potential of the Multiverse, this could pave the way for the arrival of heroes neglected by the MCU such as the X-Men as well as the Fantastic 4, whose appearance seems inevitable.

And since Wanda (the Red Witch) is supposed to be Magneto’s daughter, there would be enough to create interesting even convoluted stories…

But then, what would be the real use of this Multiverse for the X-Men and the Fantastic 4? Would it be a way to include already released films that are not part of the MCU? Or simply to bring in brand new characters for reboots?

Maybe it would be wiser to move away from 20th Century Fox movies. Certainly, many of the X-Men movies are superior to the MCU movies. But including them in this universe would make it really difficult to digest. It’s probably best for Marvel Studio to create brand new characters for their movies.

In any case, the WandaVision series is expected to launch on the Disney+ platform by the end of 2020. A major selling point for the SVOD service whose orignal creations are still struggling to win the audience’s approval. We can’t wait! 

WandaVision – Official Trailer

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