« Black Knight »: a season 2 considered by Netflix?

"Black Knight" : une saison 2 envisagée par Netflix ?

Black Knight arrived on Netflix in 2023 and has captivated viewers. But is it enough to get a season 2? Adapted from the webtoon imagined by Lee Yun-kyun, the first season ends on a cliffhanger that hints at a possible sequel.

For the moment, Netflix has not yet ordered a season 2 of Black Knight, which is not surprising given that the first season has just been released. Typically, the streaming platform waits about a month or two to see how the series performs before planning its sequel.

But the chances of a Black Knight season 2 being announced are quite high, for several reasons. Since the series is based on a webtoon that spans 89 chapters, there is plenty of story material. The series is also structured and paced to appeal to a wide audience. It alternates between action scenes and quieter moments to develop the plot and the universe of the series.

For a few years now, Korean productions have been very successful on Netflix. The best example being Squid Game, which is currently the most viewed series in the platform’s history with 1.650 billion hours of viewing during the first 28 days of its season 1. We can only hope that Black Knight will have the same success.

"Black Knight" : une saison 2 envisagée par Netflix ? - Cultea

A release date for season 2?

If season 2 is ordered, the series would be renewed about a month after the release of the first season, in late spring 2024.

It is also possible that six additional episodes are already ready to be released. If this is the case, then an official announcement should come by the end of May.

For the time being, it is still unclear whether there will be a season 2 of Black Knight. Whatever the case, hope remains and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting Netflix’s decision.

Black Knight: teaser

Casting :

  • Woo-bin Kim : 5-8
  • Esom : Seol Ah
  • Seung-Heon Song : Ryu Seok
  • Kang Yoon-Seong : April
  • Roh Yoon-Seo : Seul-ah

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